Introducing: The Roux Cabinet

Over 150 board feet of wenge, several months of planning, sweating, tears, and impaling splinters went into what has been one of our largest commissioned pieces to date: The Roux Cabinet.

We were approached by a client who was an avid hunter and wanted to showcase his heirloom gun collection.  He expressed that he was interested in a darker wood palette, but wanted us to take creative freedom with the project.  He did not want to see blueprints, progress photos, or anything else - he wanted to be surprised when we showed up with the piece to deliver it.  

Well not only did we take creative freedom.....we ran with it!  We chose a nice contrasting pair of woods of Wenge and Curly Maple to satisfy the client's desire of a darker color scheme, but also to provide a bit of depth within the cabinetry.  We combined our love for natural grains and colors, and added in a bit more modern flair to complement the exotic personality of the Wenge.  And while the overall goal was to design a custom-built guncabinet, we happened to stumble upon another hidden treat we unknowingly made for ourselves in the process.  

Wenge is an extremely heavy wood - an exotic, densely grained hardwood that thrives in the tropical climate of Africa.  Therefore there was no doubt that this piece had to be built in sections, top and bottom.  When the bottom portion of the cabinet was completed, we couldn't help but realize that we had also created a seperate smaller design within the larger piece - a sideboard.  It had a balanced, strong, and almost sensual presence that could not be denied.

So while we (and the client, thankfully) are thrilled with the outcome of the original design  - a seven foot tall and forty inch wide cabinet with storage for seven shotguns, one rifle, three dovetailed drawers and plenty of open cabinet space - we were also excited that we had stumbled upon what could possibly be a Joseph Thompson Woodworks classic.  Who knows, you may be seeing much more of that sideboard......


Materials: Wenge, Curly Maple panels, Mahogany handles.

Handcrafted using traditional hand tools and woodworking techniques.  All materials are FSC certified.

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Photography by Ben Williams.

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