Repurposed with Love

"The greatest gift is a portion of thyself." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We had the great opportunity to be a part of a very unique project for a client recently. He came to us under the cloak of night....okay not really, but he did come to us in secret: He wanted to surprise his longtime girlfriend with a special gift.

On their property (which has been is his family for years) there was an old barn door that the couple loved. They had talked for years of turning it into something else to preserve it's integrity and incorporate it's special nature into their day to day lives. The client came up with a brilliant idea: convert the old barn door into a table - AND surprise his girlfriend with it.

The old pine barn door was at least 50 years old and had all the wonderful fixins' still entact. Rusted metal hinges and dorrknobs, complete with rusted nails dotted throughout the door. Here's a peek at what the door looked like when it came into our shop:


(We added a nice little photo filter for effect.)

The client only wanted us to build a base and convert the door into a table top. He wanted it left unfinished as he wanted to do that aspect of the project himself. We happily obliged, and this was the result:

66 (no filter)

We constructed the base out of heart pine that was reclaimed by us from another barn in our local area. We used mortise and tenon joinery to construct the legs and apron, and simply converted the door into a table top and attached it.


While we had to remove the neat old doorknob and latches, the client wanted us to leave the nails in for effect.


Rustic and ready.

This was a very nice change of pace for us, and we enjoy taking on our client's creative challenges. While we weren't there for the big reveal, the sentiment and thought behind this project surely was enough to make his girlfriend's heart swell.

Top: Repurposed Pine Barn Door
Base: Reclaimed Heart Pine