Recent Commission - May 2012

Last week we were happy to complete another commissioned project. Earlier in the year we completed a massive 12 ft dining room table with black walnuts bases and an ambrosia maple top. The client was so happy with her table that she decided to order a pair of matching custom benches for the table as well.

We consulted with the client and took perfect measurements of all the specific details that go in to making a comfortable seat. From the seat height to the location of the backrest, everything was built specifically for her. This client knows herself well and was excellent at helping us combine her desired characteristics with a pleasing aesthetic.


Our client really liked our Pear Chair design, but want something that could seat more than one person. We modified it into a larger, two-seater bench design. The seat is shaped with a slight curve for comfort, but still allows for two persons of different sizes and seating postures to share the bench. The length, width, and height are all designed to allow the benches to be moved around the table at various positions and fit perfectly within the bases of the table.

45 Another unique characteristic about the benches are the joints. The seats are attached to the walnut bases using traditional hand cut mortise and tenons. The back rails are attached to the seat using a variation of a hand cut bridle joint. This joint is very intricate and complex but perfectly tuned to angle the back rails according to the client's request.

The perfection of the back rest is highly critical in the success of any seating design. Not only did we customize the angle of the rails, but the height and angle of the actual backrest is designed to allow maximum comfort, and also to flow seamlessly along with the curve of the table top, creating a smooth and streamlined look.

We could go on and on for hours about all the little intricate details that make these benches so special, but we think this last photo of the client's dining room shows just how customized these benches were made for the table.


We've got a full slideshow of more photos of the benches, click here to take a look.